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About the project
ITC SheTrades and Visa have formed a strategic partnership in a collaborative endeavour to enhance women’s economic empowerment in the Asia Pacific. The project will employ a multifaceted approach that targets export-ready women-led businesses across the region.

The project will:
  • Advocate for women’s participation in open digital economies
  • Enhance entrepreneurial skills
  • Facilitate virtual market and financial access for women-led businesses
  • Provide customized technical assistance in the Philippines
  • Bring Visa’s financial literacy and management tools into the fold of the
The ‘SheTrades & Visa: Asia Pacific’ project operates within the overarching framework of Visa’s regional program in Asia Pacific. The collaboration builds on ITC SheTrades’ proven expertise in advancing women-led businesses and worldwide networks with the advocacy prowess of Visa in Asia Pacific. This synergy is in alignment with ITC’s broader commitment to women’s empowerment through its Empowering Women to Trade program, making a direct and substantial contribution to ITC’s impact objectives, particularly in fostering Inclusive Trade and promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8, and 17.
Policymakers often become interested in mainstreaming gender into their policies based on the learnings from SheTrades Outlook. However, they frequently cite the lack of technical capacity to formulate and implement gender-inclusive policies. That is why ITC provides technical assistance to governments to mainstream gender into trade and trade-related policies, laws and regulations, ensuring that the advisory work is tailored to countries’ contexts and priorities. 
SheTrades Outlook policy briefs
ITC develops policy briefs to report key findings and provide policy recommendations from SheTrades Outlook. Policymakers can use the briefs to inform stakeholder consultations and identify focus areas for programming and policy reform at the national, regional, and international levels.
Step-by-step guides for policymakers
ITC developed structured methodologies to help encourage inclusive policy reform in-country. They are detailed in three step-by-step guides that give policymakers and negotiators access to easy-to-use questionnaires, checklists and decision trees to complement SheTrades Outlook data and operationalize policies, programmes and initiatives.
  • Mainstreaming Gender in Free Trade Agreements – Available in English and Spanish,
  • Making Public Procurement Work for Women – Available in English, French and Spanish.
  • From Design to Evaluation: Making Trade Policy Work for Women – Available in English, French and Spanish.
  • SheTrades Outlook: Key Trends and Insights – Available in English
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