ITC SheTrades’ contribution to JCTD Project in South Sudan

Funded by the European Union, ITC SheTrades’ interventions in the Jobs Creation and Trade Development (JCTD) Project in South Sudan focuses on capacity building for women business associations and women entrepreneurs in the fruit and vegetable sector. Its goal is to enhance entrepreneurship and business management skills among South Sudanese women.
Implemented between August 2020 and August 2024 in South Sudan.
About the project
The JCTD project aims to improve the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and increase employment opportunities for the South Sudanese labour force, with a focus on youth and women. More specifically, it aims to provide integrated and holistic assistance to the development of MSMEs in the fruits and vegetables value chains to create economic and employment opportunities for the South Sudanese population targeted under the project.

Focused on tackling the main challenges of the fruits and vegetables value chains, the EU-funded project delivers interventions to:
  • Improve production, processing and handling practices;
  • Unlock market access for MSMEs by building their capacities to comply with mandatory market requirements and standards;
  • Strengthen human skills and producer cooperatives;
  • Enhance entrepreneurship and business management capacities of South Sudanese
Target clients: Women entrepreneurs and women’s business associations in the fruit and vegetable sector.
The project will enhance the capabilities and service delivery of three women’s business associations. It will also collaborate with women entrepreneurs to improve their business, processing, and preservation skills.

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