About SheTrades.com

This unique platform allows women-owned businesses, organisations, companies and ITC SheTrades partner institutions to: 

1. Connect with diverse businesses and build a strong network through which you can strike business deals, increase your credibility, and open doors to new opportunities!
2. Offer and source products & services. Women-owned businesses can sell their products and services by posting offers on the platform. Buyers can then peruse offers, make orders and even post their own tenders on which sellers can bid.   

3. Learn new skills through a wide range of FREE e-learning materials. The Virtual Learning Space (VLS), online courses, live webinars and market tools cover various trade-related topics, to equip women entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills to grow their businesses.

4. Participate in workshops, trade fairs and other business events. Within a growing number of countries, women entrepreneurs registered with SheTrades are given opportunities to attend dynamic and enriching in-country activities, all of which are made possible by ITC SheTrades partners and sponsors.
5. Stay up to date with ITC SheTrades activities, news, success stories, videos, publications and more. There is a lot of action to be witnessed, information to be shared, and conversations to be had within the SheTrades community. Check out the different pages on the platform, and take part in nteresting discussions within the forums. 

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The SheTrades Initiative

Connect 3 million women to market by 2021

Women’s economic empowerment has appeared on the global development agenda for two decades, however, the business and economic cases are still not formulated fully. In 2015, consultations with global thought leaders revealed persisting silos between relevant actors and the components of women’s enterprise development: gender-disaggregated research, inclusive policy, skills development, access to markets and finance. Women’s economic empowerment is not a matter for government policy, the private sector, or social change alone. All have critical roles to play. This is why ITC launched the SheTrades initiative, which seeks to connect three million women entrepreneurs to market by 2021.
How do we do it?
Global support:
ITC SheTrades collects gender-disaggregated data (e.g. NTM surveys, EU surveys, SheTrades Outlook). SheTrades also works to create an enabling ecosystem for women to thrive by promoting equitable policies. Moreover, ITC, partly through SheTrades provides online training and mentoring for women entrepreneurs. Lastly, SheTrades.com gives women entrepreneurs a platform, a one-stop shop in which to share, learn, and do business on a global scale. 
In-country interventions:
Through projects and national chapters, ITC SheTrades is present in 25 countries, including Zambia, The Gambia, and a growing number of Commonwealth countries. In-country interventions to support women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses have a sectoral focus and incorporate a few of the 7 pillars including skills, access to markets, access to financial services, etc. Several countries have embraced the Initiative and adapted it to local context through the creation of national chapters.
The ITC SheTrades framework allows for collaboration with partners who provide their expertise to achieve greater impact and scalability. Some of the initiative’s core private sector partners include eBay, Maersk, UPS, and Barclays Bank. ITC SheTrades also builds the capacity of local institutions, including trade promotion organizations, and incorporates government priorities to ensure the long-term sustainability of ITC’s support.
Make Your Commitment

Discover the 7 global actions and make your Commitment  

The initiative outlines seven global actions in which governments, companies, civil society groups and individuals can make concrete pledges to remedy obstacles hampering women-owned businesses. How does it work? Choose one or more actions to support and complete our quick survey.
Together we are able to connect three million women to market by enhancing their competitiveness and creating sustainable connections between buyers, partners and women entrepreneurs. 
Discover the seven global actions below and make your commitment!
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Champion. Quality data


1. Champion. Quality data
Quality data related to women

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Enact. Fair policies


2. Enact. Fair policies

There is a growing acknowledgement that gender-based inequalities impact trade policy outcomes and trade performance. Through SheTrades we encourage and support governments to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs.

SheTrades invites you/your institution to:

- integrate gender awareness and consideration of gender into trade policies and agreements in order to proactively include women and women-owned businesses in the global market;
- offer mentorship, training and education about local, regional and global trends, legislation, policies, taxation and service/product/solution gaps that generate opportunities for women-owned businesses.

Make your commitment

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Secure. Government contracts


3. Secure. Government contracts

Governments across the world spend around $13T dollars on purchasing goods and services. In developing countries, the share of public spend can be as much as 40% of annual GDP, yet only an estimated 1% of this is spent with women suppliers

ITC is providing governments with practical ways to open up procurement markets for women, including a guide for procurement officers, an e-learning course, and procurement map

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Strike. Business deals


4. Strike business deals

To capitalise on the supplier diversity initiatives that the majority of the Fortune 500 companies promote, and those of companies in the south that are increasingly pursuing diverse supply chainsasa means to optimising their procurement functions to support profit, growth, efficiency and sustainability objectives.

SheTrades invites you/your institution to:

  • - Conduct a baseline study to understand where companies are procuring their goods and services from, and the percentage that is going to women
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Enable. Market access


5. Enable. Market access
Women face greater hurdles in setting up and growing their businesses. ITC

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Unlock. Financial services


6. Unlock. Financial services
Women entrepreneurs are more likely than their male counterparts to cite access to finance as a severe constraint to their business operations. Sometimes women are held back by lack of information and financial literacy. Yet women control more than US$20 trillion in global consumer spending. Bold steps need to be taken to close the access to financial service gap between men and women,including bank accounts, saving, housing finance, SME loans, equity, insurance products and digital payments.

SheTrades invites you/your institution to:

- craft a legal and regulatory environment where access to and control of financial services can be delivered effectively to women, including through the use of technology;
- invest in non-financial services such as mentorships, financial literacy classes and business coaching on financial planning and business management;
- offer short term trade finance, which would benefit both men and women, but can specifically lower capital barriers for women;
- develop innovative sources of information to establish credit worthiness beyond collateral to include a social network analysis, psychometric testing, etc.

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Grant. Ownership rights


7. Grant. Ownership rights
Over turning legal impediments to women

Partners and Supporters

ITC SheTrades Partnership

The SheTrades initiative is funded by the UK Department for International Development, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, UPS Foundation, Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), OPEC Fund for International Development, the Government of Japan, as well as Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), with funds provided by ITC’s Global Trust Fund.
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ITC SheTrades works with various partners across the world, including business support organisations, cooperatives, alliances and private sector companies.

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