SheTrades Commonwealth

About the SheTrades Commonwealth Project

The SheTrades in the Commonwealth project aims to facilitate the participation of women-owned businesses in international trade and increase job creation in Commonwealth countries.
Under this project women-owned businesses: 
- Increase their visibility and get connected to potential buyers, investors, suppliers and business support organizations
- Learn new skills to grow their business through e-learning courses, on-site workshops and webinars
- Receive support to attend national, regional and international buyer to seller trade events


Application criteria to benefit from the project: 

- At least 30% owned, managed and controlled by women
- Legally registered and incorporated company
- Residing in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria
- In one or several of the focused sectors (more information below)
- Create an account on 




Textiles & Apparel, IT, Tourism, Tea, Coffee, Avocado, Beans & Peas, Handicrafts (including leather)


Textiles & Apparel, Tourism, Shea, Cashew, Cocoa, Handicrafts and IT&BPO


Textiles & Apparel, Shea, Spices (ginger and turmeric), Cashew, Handicrafts, and IT&BPO


Textiles & Apparel, IT & BPO, Handicrafts


Corporations, buyers and investors:

- Connect with over 3000 women-owned businesses from Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria and expand your pool of suppliers 
- Increase your visibility and identify new partnerships with key businesses, governments and institutions 
- Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals by empowering women

To view success stories of current beneficiaries of the project, visit:

If you have any questions please email:  
*In the subject heading, please include your name and company

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