Press Release | 20 May. 2020

KOICA-funded SheTrades West Africa project continues to support MSMEs and farmers in agricultural value chains

Press Release | 13 May. 2020

Introducing a series of case studies on business-to-business e-commerce opportunities in Africa

Press Release | 06 May. 2020

Smallholder farmers in developing countries are weathering the consequences of the pandemic by finding new business stra…

Press Release | 27 Apr. 2020

As the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 20201 notes, there is a “strong correlation between a country’s g…

Press Release | 27 Apr. 2020

How KAEME, a small cosmetics business in Ghana, is staying optimistic through the crisis and supporting its employees, d…

Press Release | 23 Apr. 2020

ITC SheTrades boosts online offers to support women entrepreneurs during COVID-19 crisis

Press Release | 21 Apr. 2020

(Atlanta/Geneva) – The International Trade Centre (ITC), CARE Enterprises Inc. (CARE) and Bamboo Capital Partners (Bambo…

Press Release | 20 Apr. 2020

ITC launches worldwide survey to assess the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global businesses

Press Release | 09 Apr. 2020

Dashboard to track COVID-19 trade measures and free access to ITC trade data to help MSMEs, policymakers improve decisio…