SheTrades MENA Hub

About the SheTrades MENA Hub 

Hosted by Dubai Industries and Exports, the SheTrades MENA Hub aims to enable women entrepreneurs in the Middle East to trade. support, develop, coordinate and catalyse stakeholders in the Middle East trade sphere to achieve a transformative environment for women entrepreneurs. This will increase their participation in and income from trade, create jobs and contribute to poverty reduction. 

The SheTrades MENA Hub will work across the following pillars:

  • Building the technical and export-related competitiveness of women
  • Enabling market access
  • Changing attitudes and behaviours

How can women-owned businesses benefit? 

✔️ Connect to potential buyers, investors, suppliers and business support organizations;

✔️ Learn new skills to enhance international competitiveness through our free e-learning courses, on-site workshops and webinars; 

✔️ Receive support to attend national, regional and international trade fairs including SheTrades Global;

✔️ Opportunities to participate in B2B meetings;

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