SheTrades Zambia

What is SheTrades Zambia?

A project that aims to increase the participation of Zambian women-owned businesses in the economy and trade by enhancing their competitiveness and strengthening their market linkages. The project is funded by the Enhanced Integrated Framework and implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry, and the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA).


How are women-owned businesses benefitting? 

✔️ Enhanced visibility by getting connected with potential buyers, investors, suppliers and business support organizations.

✔️ Skill- and capacity-building to grow their business through webinars, online training and face-to-face workshops.

✔️ Support to participate in regional and international trade fairs and B2B meetings. 


Criteria for women-owned businesses:
  1. At least 30% owned, managed and controlled by woma(e)n
  2. Living in Zambia
  3. In one or several of the focused sectors: Textiles and Garments, Moringa, Honey 
  4. Have an active account on
How are buyers and investors benefitting? 

✔️ Increased visibility and new partnerships with key corporations, government agencies and institutions

✔️ New market opportunities and business deals through connecting with sellers and suppliers from Zambia

✔️ Recognition as a champion of women’s economic empowerment

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