SheTrades Outlook

What is SheTrades Outlook?
The first tool of its kind to make trade possible for women by promoting a more inclusive policy ecosystem. It provides comprehensive data and analysis on trade and women’s economic empowerment, and shares experiences from around the world.  

Click here to watch a short video introducing the SheTrades Outlook tool. 


⚖️ SheTrades Outlook helps track how laws, policies, and practices in different countries affect women’s participation in business and trade, covering 83 indicators across 6 policy areas. 
⚖️ From trade policy to the business environment, and from skills development to access to finance, policy-makers and other stakeholders can use this tool to understand where countries are doing well and where there is room for improvement.


SheTrades Outlook’s analytical framework makes it possible for users to:
✔️ identify data gaps and areas for potential policy reform
✔️ compare progress with other countries, regions, and economic groupings
✔️ discover good practices to inspire exchange of experiences and lessons learnt
🌍 SheTrades Outlook currently covers 25 countries, with a view to expand globally.
The tool is funded by the United Kingdom as part of a wider programme of support for women across the Commonwealth.


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