SheTrades Outlook

SheTrades Outlook is an innovative policy tool that promotes trade and women’s economic empowerment. The tool provides quantifiable, measurable, and comparable indicators across countries related to both trade and gender.

SheTrades Outlook takes into account the complex and multi-dimensional interlinkage between trade and gender by analysing different dimensions, contexts and different levels of achievement of countries. While comprehensive in identifying levers and drivers for the participation of women in trade, SheTrades Outlook encompasses a diversity of challenges and policy experiences to better channel financial and technical assistance for women’s economic empowerment.


The Outlook promotes cooperation at all levels to share knowledge, compare experiences, and identify good practices. 

What does it do?

Assists stakeholders to assess, monitor, and improve how the institutional ecosystem supports women’s participation in international trade by:  

- Putting trade and gender firmly on national, regional and global agendas

- providing a multidimensional approach of all factors influencing women's engagement in trade

- Encouraging evidence-based policy-making by mapping ecosystems, identifying gaps in data, and reaching consensus on high impact policy measures through an interactive process with country-based stakeholders

- Identifying measurable indicators at national levels.

- Identifying and promoting exchange of best practices

- Monitoring progress over time and enabling comparisons across countries

  • Who can use the tool?
  • Policy-makers, Trade and Investment Support Institutions, Development Partners, Corporates, Women’s Business Associations, lead firms and government procurement agencies involved in supply chain development, other beneficiaries include civil society organisations and researchers.

What topics are covered?

SheTrades Outlook will include several dimensions: trade and trade-related policies (including procedural obstacles), business environment, legal and regulatory framework, access to finance, skills, social policies and cultural issues. Each dimension will include one or more indicative categories.


These dimensions will cover aspects of the ecosystem that either target female entrepreneurship and trade, or although not targeted, are likely to benefit WOBs disproportionately. Examples of the former include gender provisions in trade agreements, gender mainstreaming in trade policies and strategies, and public-private partnerships.

Pilot Phase and Roll Out:

ITC SheTrades is currently  rolling out  SheTrades Outlook  in over 25 countries, with a view to expand globally.  Initial countries were chosen based on  varying levels of economic development, regional representation and political will. With the support of national consultants, ITC is carrying out in-country surveys to collect data and complement existing databases.  In many instances, ITC  is partnering with local institutions to co-host national workshops and capture the views of relevant stakeholders. The final stages of data collection are currently underway.

Digital Tool (Coming Soon in 2020):

Users will be able to access:

- SheTrades Outlook Indicators
- Tailor-made pages embedded into national portals

- Data comparable across countries and indicators

- Good practice briefs

- Additional documents and resources

  • Resources
Malaysia workshop and pilot survey
24-28 Jan 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Public-Private Dialogue on Women in the Digital Economy and International Trade
29-30 Jan 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Side event at Commission on the Status of Women
11 March 2019
New York, USA
Jamaica workshop and pilot survey
19 March 2019
Kingston, Jamaica 

Presentation - Mr. Harold Davis, JBDC

Outcome Document
Ghana workshop and pilot survey
25 March-2019
Accra, Ghana
Bangladesh workshop and pilot survey
April 2019
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aid for Trade Global Review
July 2019
Geneva, Switzerland
Public Forum 2018
Sept 2019
Geneva, Switzerland


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