SheTrades Coffee

East and Central Africa: Improving economic benefits for women in the coffee sector

Raising the visibility of coffee produced by women and strengthening the links between producers and buyers is the aim of one of our projects in East and Central Africa. We provide technical support to women coffee producers to improve the quality and production of their coffee. Assistance is also provided to ensure that women coffee producers have easier access to finance and are able to set up their own bank accounts to keep control of their income.

ITC has also facilitated the creation of national chapters of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) in a number of countries, to empower women in the coffee sector. IWCA’s mentoring and management programmes have boosted productivity and incomes. Working with buyers and producers to improve the profile of coffee produced by women has resulted in more than 100 major transactions. About 200 women coffee producers are now selling to large institutional buyers throughout the world.

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