SheTrades and UPS


ITC SheTrades and UPS have teamed up to help women in business succeed in international markets by making the process of exporting easier and more efficient. We’re working to provide training and education opportunities that allow business owners to better understand the complexities of exporting, e-commerce and trade regulations. The project is aligned with the UPS Women Exporters Program, designed to train thousands of women and promote the growth of women-owned SMEs. 


Are you looking to...
• Increase your logistical and technical skills?
• Enhance your visibility and connect with buyers, investors, suppliers and business support organizations?
• Unlock business opportunities?
Do you meet the following criteria...
1. At least 30% owned, managed and controlled by woma(e)n
2. Legally registered and incorporated company
3. Active user on
4. Living in either India, Mexico, Nigeria, or Viet Nam
Meet the criteria? Apply now 👇
Applicants from INDIA --- CLICK HERE
Applicants from MEXICO --- CLICK HERE
Applicants from NIGERIA --- CLICK HERE
Applicants from VIETNAM --- CLICK HERE 
Find out what UPS can do for your export services by selecting your country from the growing list below... 
Women exporters from Mexico (click here
Women exporters from Nigeria (click here)
Women exporters from Viet Nam (click here


Our list of countries is growing... but if your country is not on the list, you can still JOIN SHETRADES

If you have any questions, please email   


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