13 Jan. 2022

Remaining competitive and accessing new markets: Sake Farm's story


Sake Farm is a coffee business located in Ngoma District, in the eastern province of Rwanda. The company grows, processes and sells both green and roasted coffee. The Managing Director and owner of Sake Farm, Marie Laetitia Kayitersire founded her venture with the intention of assisting the development of Rwanda by training coffee farmers on good agriculture practices in coffee farming.

Although business was going well, Laetitia had higher aspirations and hoped to expand her business outside of Rwanda and increase her customer base. To meet that goal, she joined the SheTrades Rwanda project, where she participated in packaging, barista and brewing training. After successfully completing the training,  Laetitia and her staff members gained a better understanding of producing and delivering high-quality coffee products.

Laetitia expressed that: “currently, our staff that participated in the training have improved their skills, and are now selling and marketing Sake coffee in the Rwanda International Trade Fair. The packaging training has also helped us to understand how we can market our coffee especially on the local market and increase our sales and compete with other brands.”  Through the trade fair and training, Laetitia was able to take another step towards her achieving her goal of reaching new clients and markets.