12 Jan. 2022

From dream to reality: the growth of Ikawa House


After several years of working for other renowned coffee businesses, Laetitia Mukandahiro accumulated enough knowledge and skills over the years to establish her own company – Ikawa House. She is now the proud owner of her own brand that sells green and roasted coffee locally and outside of Rwanda. 

Having an independent business has meant that Laetitia can creatively express her ideas through her company as Operation and Marketing manager. Her desire to attract more customers inspired her to improve the branding and image of her business and also the quality of her coffee. 

Her wish was supported through the SheTrades Rwanda Project that provided e-commerce, branding and social media coaching programme. Through it, Laetitia learnt how to develop a branding strategy and optimise social media content. She also learnt how to design her company logo, website, brochures, and business cards.  

After successfully completing the coaching programme, Laetitia expressed that: “as a result of the social media training we secured three new buyers outside of Rwanda to whom we have established business partnerships with. We believe that this is only the beginning and that our business will continue to grow.

Through the Barista and Brewing certification training, we now have more knowledge on how to assess and produce quality coffee, and our business has increased by one percent. Our plan for the future is to conduct our business in a more professional manner and increase our online presence using what we have learnt from our past training and experience.”