25 Nov. 2021

Agri-prenuer puts sustainable growth at the forefront of business developmen


Mukantabashwa manages an agribusiness in North-West Rwanda, 'Kimonyi Women Development Group' (KWDG), which produces and sells organic vegetables. 

KWDG is able to fulfill the needs of the rapidly growing urban population by partnering with rural women producer groups. For Mukantabashwa, the most important part of her business is supporting the livelihoods and empowerment of these women by providing sustainable income-generating activities.

Mukantabashwa joined SheTrades Rwanda to achieve her business goals of improving her vegetable and fruits value chain and expanding her access to markets so that she can reach new buyers. To achieve this, she attended several training seminars on sustainable business growth, bank loan access, and social media marketing. Through the support from SheTrades, Mukantabashwa opened a Facebook and Instagram account which grew her business by 15%.

Mukantabashwa had the following to say about her overall experience. “I appreciate the new markets I have accessed like Migano coffee shop, Simba supermarket and Golden of Eden Produce. Through the support of  SheTrades Rwanda, I have new streams of income and have improved the quality of our products. Moreover, I have improved the efficiency of our delivery services. I now plan on acquiring a second greenhouse to diversify into new products such as strawberries, as well as yellow and red peppers."