08 Nov. 2021

Leading the digitalization of the coffee value chain for new markets


Nova Coffee is an enterprise that leads the way in ethical and socially responsible practices in Gicumbi District. With a value chain made up of more than 2,800 local farmers, managing director Agnes Mukamushinja undertakes her commitment to gender equality, education, and health for the Bukure community very seriously. Having a positive social impact is as important as producing high-quality 100% fresh and pure arabica coffee.

With more than 25 years of experience in the coffee business, Agnes’ main priority is to access new markets and increase her company’s accountability and traceability measures. Since joining SheTrades Rwanda, her company has benefited from the Farmer’s Connect Program.

“I have been able to improve our document management and record-keeping practices by using technology to increase our efficiency. By digitizing we are now able to register our farmers electronically through the Farmer Connect System. The impact has been remarkable to our coffee-value chain processes considering the COVID-19 disruption to our business.”

The training and certification on barista and coffee roasting, also helped Agnes understand the roasted coffee market requirements. Through SheTrades support, Nova Coffee was introduced to 3 new clients including Coffee Corner and Stafford shops.

“Within 3 months of participating in the project's business-to-business activities, we increased our sales by 0.5% and sold 250kg of roasted coffee beans to local coffee shops and 2,400kg to the Australian market.

In addition, this year we were announced as the winners of the International Jury Competition based on the Rwandan coffee tasted this season. I am grateful to SheTrades Rwanda for the technical assistance provided to my company under this journey to success and competitiveness."