24 Aug. 2021

Kenyan Entrepreneur Drives Community Passion for Learning.


For Dorothy Otieno, a businesswoman from Homa Bay County, Kenya, her entrepreneurship journey has led to many new opportunities. Following a few unsuccessful endeavors in other sectors, Dorothy found her talent for entrepreneurship when deciding to create Nyalore Impact - a company which produces and sells improved cookstoves and briquettes for domestic, commercial, and institutional use.

The Founder and CEO credits ITC SheTrades’ and SME Trade Academy’s free e-learning resources and online courses as a ‘game changer’ in her career. After completing several of the SheTrades.com Virtual Learning Space courses, Dorothy felt confident enough to continue pursuing her dream to develop her own business and impact her community.

“In my career I went through many difficulties, especially in sectors very male dominated. After failing a few times, I thought: how do I react? How do I commit? How can I recover from this situation? ITC helped me going online and it was key for my recovery”, said the entrepreneur.

“You have to do what you like to succeed in entrepreneurship”, says Dorothy. Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset following her e-learning experience transformed the way she saw herself and her role in the wider market. As cooking was one of her passions, and something widely practiced in the community, she sensed an opportunity and decided to develop her knowledge to better understand how she could make a difference in her local market.  Dorothy looked for answers to questions such as how energy use in basic cooking equipment could be improved and describes Nyalore Impact Limited as a social enterprise that helps people access clean energy for cooking. The company has grown from being a small business of just Dorothy alone, to a thriving enterprise employing around 20 young people locally, 13 of which are women.

“Through ITC and SheTrades, I have identified what my interests were and become more knowledgeable about startups and B2B business through the e-learning resources. It helped me building my business. I’ve been learning more about how to become an exporter. It encouraged me to manufacture my products, get certified, and also encouraged me to try to meet international regulations for trade”

Dorothy explains that, “As a woman entrepreneur, ITC gave to me confidence to become more successful and grow my network. This is something that I was able to build, not only in Kenya, but internationally. Now I have people that can help me all over the place when I need. I have people to reach out to ask questions and not make the same mistakes”.

Today, Dorothy aims to share her knowledge and experience and provides mentorship to women in her community to help them grow their businesses and boost their confidence.

To learn more about Nyalore Impact Limited, visit their Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/nyalore.