15 Aug. 2019

SheTrades Zambia: The green Queen of Chitenge Fashion on the global scene


Queen of Chitenge Fashion is a Lusaka-based enterprise, and 100% owned and managed by Mercy Chewetu. With the help of her 10 employees, Mercy works to design and produce clothes and jewelry that uniquely amalgamates traditional African prints and modern trends. Mercy has caught other modern waves by using recycled materials for production, producing over 300 pieces a month.

Mercy was part of the SheTrades Zambia delegation at the Source Africa trade fair, held in Cape Town, South Africa in June 2019. SheTrades Zambia had previously supported Mercy on pricing and understanding legal frameworks. Following the trade fair, where she presented her business and her products, she was successfully sub-contracted by a large marketing firm to manufacture a first order of 2,500 bibs for a financial institution. She has since employed more people to support her with the production demands, and is looking forward to a long-term collaboration with the financial institution. “Thank you to SheTrades for being part of my journey to create wealth, not just for myself but for other women in my community”, expressed Mercy. 

To learn more about SheTrades Zambia, visit: https://www.shetrades.com/en/projects/shetrades-zambia