15 Aug. 2019

SheTrades Zambia: How a little honey went a long way


Travium Supplies is an enterprise that manufactures Yumbee honey sachets in Zambia.

Travium Supplies is 100% owned, managed and controlled by a woman. Chileshe Chewe has independently pioneered her product; her organic honey is harvested in north-west Zambia by a group of beekeepers and refined through a semi-mechanised production process, with a capacity of 20 litres per month. Chileshe has also secured certifications from PACRA (Patents and Companies Registration Agency) and SQF (Safe Quality Food).  

Reflecting on her participation in the SheTrades Zambia capacity building and networking activities, Chileshe felt she had developed her export readiness: "With my training on export regulations I gained the valuable knowledge on how to go about exporting my products to other countries".

As part of one particular workshop, Chileshe engaged in mentoring sessions with procurement officers from different private companies, during which she successfully connected with Food Lovers, an international supermarket chain with headquarters in South Africa. "SheTrades has given me the right platform to grow my network with key stakeholders in my business field which has in turn grown my business to a point I wouldn't have been able to on my own".

Within a month, she was registered as a vendor with Food Lovers, with her first order worth approximately 6,000 USD.  Following the success of the first order, Food Lovers is now planning to increase the order volume to be able to distribute Travium Supplies to all four branches in Lusaka. "My experience with SheTrades has opened the gates for my products to be sold in the biggest stores in the country" Chileshe expressed.  

To learn more about SheTrades Zambia, visit: https://www.shetrades.com/en/projects/shetrades-zambia