25 Jun. 2019

How a beauty entrepreneur in Ghana optimised the use of local packaging


Ghanaian entrepreneur Veronica Garbrah founded Venet Naturals, a company specialising in natural beauty products, in 2018.

A member of the SheTrades in the Commonwealth Project since March 2019, Veronica participated in a three-day shea packaging workshop and coaching session led by ITC Senior Adviser in Packaging Export, Mr Frederic Couty, in collaboration with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA).

During the workshop, Veronica learned how packaging, labelling, and having a robust business network is crucial to the successful branding and internationalisation of her products.

“I believe in the quality of my shea and coconut-based products and know now the importance of branding and packaging,” said Veronica. “Another important change has to do with my secondary and tertiary packaging. I have decided to pack my products into smaller boxes, otherwise they would be heavy to lift. I will also start investing in plastic pallets”.

After completing the course and receiving feedback from her peers and packaging experts, Veronica plans to introduce new bamboo packaging for her lotions and creams, and hopes to source unique calabashes from Ghana. “These calabashes show buyers the uniqueness and African-ness of my products – I am a proud Ghanaian who wants to show the best my country can offer,” Veronica adds. 

Venet Naturals was one of the 15 companies selected by SheTrades in the Commonwealth to attend the annual Global Shea Alliance conference in 2019. At the conference, Veronica not only showcased her products to local and international buyers, but also garnered positive feedback on her products, which spurred her to continue strengthening her brand. 

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