Press Release | 06 Nov. 2017

As Japan has yet to fully use the potential of women to boost its economic growth, raising awareness of "unconscious gen…

Press Release | 02 Nov. 2017

Georgieva added that attaining gender equality means, among other things, ensuring girls are in school and economic empo…

Press Release | 01 Nov. 2017

2018 edition of SheTrades Global to be held at the UK’s International Business Festival (Geneva)

Press Release | 01 Nov. 2017

Japan could lead the global drive for greater gender equality but the country needs to step up its reforms, according to…

Press Release | 05 Oct. 2017

As part of efforts to achieve food security, the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal Fund (UNSDGF) in partnership…

Press Release | 04 Oct. 2017

Liverpool Vision and ITC join forces to bring women entrepreneurs to the UK’s largest international business event.

Press Release | 04 Oct. 2017

Women-owned Sake Farm and more than 2,000 affiliated farmers benefit from investments in supply chain by Sucafina, JDE a…

Press Release | 03 Oct. 2017

New report on women's economic empowerment in Europe shows gender pay gap of 16 percent.

Press Release | 01 Oct. 2017

We have been doing farming for ages. My mother in law did it, I am doing it, my daughter and daughter-in-law will do it.