Press Release | 13 Mar. 2019

Effective measurement tools essential for empowering women in the economy


Programmes and policies to empower women as equal actors in the economy require effective measurement tools to track impact, said policymakers and experts at an event organized this week in New York by the International Trade Centre. One recurring theme during the meeting was the importance of collecting sex-disaggregated data – a key step for understanding gender-specific policy effects.

The gathering, held on the sidelines of the 11-22 March session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, focused on successes and challenges in tracking progress on women’s economic empowerment. 

In her opening remarks, ITC Deputy Executive Director Dorothy Tembo emphasized that measuring economic empowerment was critical to assess progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals and indicators related to gender equality, as well as to understand the effectiveness of action springing from initiatives such as the Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade. 

‘The impact of trade on gender equality is incredibly nuanced and tracking progress comes with its own set of questions’, Tembo said. ‘How do we measure economic empowerment? How do we account for bias and societal norms? How do we develop comparable indicators which make sense across countries and societies?’

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