Press Release | 21 Sep. 2017

Rwanda: First Lady Backs Women-Owned Businesses


Women continue to face substantial barriers hindering their success in doing business, which when removed, it would not only help women thrive but also bring about inclusive economic growth for communities, the First Lady Jeannette Kagame has said.

Mrs Kagame was speaking at the International Trade Centre's discussion on "SheTrades," a session held under the theme, "Empowering Women in World Trade," in New York, on Tuesday.

The First Lady said the role of women in trade remains "largely undefined and marginalised," hence the need to promote any initiatives that are women-owned "because they hold the potential to positively impact lives of not just women, but entire communities as research has proven time and again."

"It is well known that empowering women leads to empowered families, communities and countries, since women invest in the health and education of their loved ones which in turn improves public health, eradicates malnutrition and poverty over the short and medium run. In short, their success is everybody's success," Mrs Kagame more