Press Release | 03 Oct. 2017

Empower women economically, say S&Ds to Commission

New report on women's economic empowerment in Europe shows gender pay gap of 16 percent. Today the European Parliament approved a very strong progressive S&D report calling on the Commission and member states to strengthen the economic empowerment of women to enable them to participate equally in the labour market and in society. The cost of excluding a woman from the labour market is estimated at between €1.2 million and €2 million throughout her life, totalling €370 billion annually for the whole EU. Among the measures the European Parliament calls for in the progressive report voted today against conservative-liberal resistance are wage mapping and binding measures for pay transparency to fight the gender pay gap; gender equality plans for companies to be negotiated with social partners; quotas in the public sector; and a guarantee for returning from part-time to full-time more