Release | 16 Feb 2018 | by SheTrades

CWE – Government of Karnataka women's incubator

Call for Applications
Government of Karnataka and CWE are setting up an incubator and co-working space for women entrepreneurs with tech enabled enterprises. 
Women entrepreneurs face issues which men do not. The special needs of women entrepreneurs for mentoring, capacity building and access to resources are common the world over, as shown up by studies and services provided in women’s business incubators particularly in the US.

The incubator will provide seats and facilities (for a very nominal fee) for 12 months at the NASSCOM 10K Startup Warehouse in Bangalore.

The CWE ecosystem will provide mentoring and access to Finance, Markets, Enabling   Technology, Information and Trade Networks to the selected entrepreneurs, and set   them up for success in their business.

*Eligibility is for ventures in which a woman or a group of women have majority shareholding and hold hands-on leadership positions in the venture.

To apply, fill out this form
Please mail and inform us after completing the simple form, so that we can kick-start the process at our end.
Deadline for Applications: 28 Feb 2018