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Si vous êtes une entreprise appartenant à une femme, vous pouvez publier des offres pour vos produits et services. Assurez-vous d’inclure des images de bonne qualité de vos marchandises et des descriptions détaillées (prix, poids, dimensions, conditions de livraison, etc.). Consultez régulièrement votre compte personnel pour suivre vos demandes. Si vous êtes acheteur, parcourez les différentes offres proposées par des entreprises détenues par des femmes.

ID:  114
Abuja ,Nigeria
Betadan Petting Zoo

Exotic Animals for Home Decorations and School Petting Zoo in Nigeria

Seun Orilabawaye
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ID:  113
Davao ,Philippines
Low-cadmium, Davao-origin, Trinitario Cacao beans

Sun-dried, fermented, single origin Trinitario cacao beans ethically and directly sourced from our cacao farmer cooperative in Davao with 800+ farmer members ; cadmium level tested ( 0.304mg/kg) by Intertek Germany; production capacity : 350 tons /year

Sheila Romero
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ID:  112
Metro Manila ,Philippines
Vegan and dairy-free 100% Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter using 100% coconut oil Vegan and dairy alternative to table butter for all baking and cooking purposes ; 100% natural ingredients; 12 months optimal shelf-life , chilled max 5 degrees; manufactured in the Philippines ; production capacity is 20 tons /month

Sheila Romero
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ID:  111
Lagos ,Nigeria
Assistive devices for children with Intellectual Development Disabilities

IEFA Kit helps children improve their communication, reduce hyperactivity, increase attention span and improve behavior modification.

Nneamaka Faith Mokwe
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ID:  110
Anambra ,Nigeria
House of Maramuna

Coconut oils

Amarachi Okpala
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ID:  108
Lagos ,Nigeria
Corn row braided wigs and the likes

Handmade produce, crochet braids, corn row wigs

Bukola Monye
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ID:  107
Abuja ,Nigeria
Olivia Patrick global concept limited

Dry Ginger and turmeric for sale

ID:  106
F. C. T ,Nigeria
Miss Uzo

8% moisture , dry split ginger, colour natural, grade A

ID:  104
Port Harcourt ,Nigeria
Dried Chili pepper

Freshly harvested whole chilli pepper,dried and dehydrated.Sterilised,free from toxin,microbes and foreign matter.with traceability.Bulk raw material available to wholesaler and food processing industries. Phytosanitory certificate are made available.

Bgwa Nigeria limited
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