SheTalks with Diane Francis
|Jan 01, 1970 - Jan 01, 1970 |Geneva,Switzerland

SheTalks with Diane Francis

SheTalks, a high potential part of the SheExport Platform (a Platform
created to support women entrepreneurs and women exporters in Ukraine,
coordinated and realised by Export Promotion Office (EPO)), benefits
women by inspiring and educating them on practical and emerging topics
of interest to women exporters and entrepreneurs. The format – speeches
and lectures – delivered using TED talks, Creative Mornings, (or other
creative formats) to spotlight successful female business persons from
Ukraine, Canada and other countries. The idea is to motivate women to
become active in global trade and to set ambitious professional goals.
Female expert speakers, in particular, will be chosen as speakers within
this series.

Our current speaker – Diane Francis, an award-winning columnist,
bestselling author, investigative journalist, television commentator and
screenplay writer. Her pieces have appeared in many newspapers
including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Daily Beast,
Politico, the World Post, Miami Herald, the New York Post, the New York
Daily News and The Guardian. She is Editor-at-Large at Canada’s National
Post and writes for the US Edition of the Huffington Post. She is an
expert on Silicon Valley, future technology, geopolitics, energy,
business and white collar crime.


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