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SheTrades Invest e-learning course: "Raising Funds for Your Business"

The SheTrades Invest 3-part e-learning course "Raising Funds for Your Business" is now open for enrollment through the SheTrades Virtual Learning space! 

This course gives you an overview of the processes involved in raising funds for your business activities. 

Do you really need to raise funds, or might your business be better off working with existing resources? Learn all about the differences between equity, grants and debt, and the various capital providers to raise funds from! 

How to access the course:

1. Sign in to your account on

2. On the menu (left-hand side of your dashboard), click on 'Learn' -> 'SheTrades Virtual Learning'

3. Scroll down on the Catalogue page to find the course 

Enrollment closes on 15 June 2020! 

For any questions, please email  


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