Special webinar series: 'Responding to the Business Impact of COVID-19'
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Special webinar series: 'Responding to the Business Impact of COVID-19'

Together with UPS, Maersk, VISA, Working Capital Associates and their technical experts ITC SheTrades is delivering an emergency webinar series, offering guidance to small businesses as they navigate the operational stress caused by COVID-19.

This unique package will also be a valuable resource for business support organizations and policymakers supporting MSMEs. 

Who can participate?

Women entrepreneurs

MSMEs exporting products and services within ITC’s project networks

MSMEs across partner networks

Business Support Organizations


How will it work?

✔️ Six webinars

✔️ Topics covering operations and supply chain, crisis management, financial planning and liquidity

✔️ Each webinar will highlight actions that you can take to reduce risks, protect your employees and minimize economic damage

The live webinars will be delivered using Zoom and will cover 45 minutes of training material, followed by an interactive Q&A session for 15 minutes.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and ensure you have an account on www.shetrades.com!

Read ITC's official web story here: https://bit.ly/34jkHOl & stay tuned on shetrades.com!

For any questions, please email womenandtrade@intracen.org