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Registration for ITU Telecom World 2019
|Jun 21, 2019 - Jul 13, 2019 |Budapest,Hungary

Registration for ITU Telecom World 2019

ITU Telecom World 2019 (TW-19), to be held in Budapest, Hungary on 9-12 September 2019, is an international platform for all stakeholders of the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) industry including governments, regulators, private companies and smaller tech pioneers working together to accelerate ICT innovation for social and economic development.

The event combines an exhibition for digital solutions, a forum for sharing knowledge, an Awards programme rewarding innovative ICT solutions for social good, and a networking hub to connect, exchange ideas, and explore partnership and investment opportunities. This is an event for all stakeholders to shape the future together. In the context  of the ITU Telecom World, ITC will hold a workshop on investment readiness for women in tech. Those who are selected to attend will be contacted for participation in the workshop.  

In the context of the event, the EQUALS Global Partnership, along with ITC SheTrades, will be facilitating the participation of 15-20 selected women tech entrepreneurs, in support of the SME programme. The participation of the women tech entrepreneurs will be funded by Telecom World 2019 and will aim at addressing the current ICT gender gap in the participants of the SME programme.



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