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ITC SheTrades & MAERSK Webinars #1: 'How to Transport your Products'
|Apr 23, 2019 - Apr 23, 2019 |,

ITC SheTrades & MAERSK Webinars #1: 'How to Transport your Products'

Learn all about Forwarders and discover the best ones for your specific business during the first webinar hosted by Florian Kuentzel from Maersk: 

MAERSK Webinar #1: Freight Forwarders-20190423 1305-1:


+ Find the powerpoint presentation below

Maersk and ITC SheTrades have partnered to deliver a series of webinars that aim to help women entrepreneurs build an understanding of key logistics concepts and improve their export skills and competitiveness in international trade.  

Scheduled webinars:  

1. How to Transport your Products - 23 April 

2. How to Maintain Product Quality During Transportation - 27 May 

3. What Documents do you Need for Customs and Exporting - 18 June 

Register here to participate in the webinars: 


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