Our Response to COVID-19

Small businesses, including those owned by women have taken a hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. To honour our commitment to SheTrades members and help them cope with the impact of the crisis, we have worked to strengthen online offerings and share useful tools. This page displays all of the relevant materials.
If you have any questions or comments on how we can better support you during this difficult time, please email womenandtrade@intracen.org 


Crisis management toolkit


Developed under the SheTrades Commonwealth project, the COVID-19 Crisis Management Toolkit is a one-stop-shop for women-owned businesses containing the tools and resources they need to plan in times of uncertainty and manage change.

The key objectives of this toolkit are to:

  • Guide businesses on how to realistically assess the impact of the crisis on their business 
  • Guide businesses on how to clearly define a path forward
  • Guide businesses on drawing up an adaptive action plan that is responsive to change

The COVID-19 Toolkit is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Resilience and Recovery Action Plan Canvas (RRAP Canvas)

A business planning tool developed for agile and effective decision making in times of crisis.

Part 2: Resources

A collection of relevant webinars, standard business strategy templates and useful links to additional resources.

Get started with our Guidebook, inspired by the SheTrades Commonwealth initiative. 

Click here for the French translation of the Guidebook.


Resilience and Recovery Action Plan Canvas


The RRAP Canvas is a business assessment and planning tool designed to support women-owned businesses (WOB) on quick and efficient decision making during the COVID-19 crisis.


A complete RRAP canvas should serve as a single comprehensive road map for WOBs through the crisis. It should capture information on where the business is, the direction they wish to travel, roadblocks to be mindful of, and the action steps needed to get there.

Download canvas: Excel workbook or PDF





A number of webinars have been created to help WOBs cope with the pandemic by providing guidance on effective business planning strategies. Recordings of these webinars, as well as e-learning modules and much more can be found on the SheTrades Virtual Learning Space. To access this free material, become a member of the SheTrades community by registering at SheTrades.com.






Covid-19 News

Follow the journey of SheTrades women entrepreneuers as they adapt their practices in response to the pandemic and learn about SheTrades initiatives to support WOBs.



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