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Connect to over 40,000 businesses, market and sell your products to buyers around the globe. Access learning resources and opportunities to grow your business.

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Find sustainable products and services offered by women entrepreneurs. Champion inclusive trade and impact the lives of workers and communities along value chains.

  • Since participating in the SheTrades Rwanda Project's barista and packaging training, my staff have improved their local market expertise in Sake Coffee
    - Marie Laetitia Kayitsire

  • The SheTrades and UPS in Nigeria coaching programme increased my knowledge on how to navigate national and international markets.
    - Funmilola Omokunga

  • In all, SheTrades has pushed me along the right path of being a successful entrepreneur.
    - Muthoni Waigwa

  • Thanks to SheTrades, I won a grant from Access Bank Rwanda. Now I have increased my purchases from farmer cooperatives, and my sales to supermarkets have increased by 20%.
    - Jaqueline Mukashyaka

  • SheTrades Commonwealth helped my business venture into new spaces and access new clients.
    - Wanjiru Njenga

  • In Mayan tradition we say that a woman can only do what she does in the house. Through SheTrades I have been able to produce and export Melipona honey from my small village.
    - Anselma Chaleuan

  • Thanks to SheTrades we have a solid 5-year export marketing plan and 25% of our sales come from exports. Our team has grown from 10 to 35 employees.
    - Achini Perera

  • SheTrades through Digitalization helps small companies overcome challenges related to logistics and finance.
    - Ndeye Fatou Njie

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